Twinkling lights and flickering candles illuminate a front porch for seasonal sparkle. Add grapevine accents, evergreen clippings and pops of silver to create a warm holiday welcome.

String bling Grapevine balls get a luminous lift from string lights. To dress up an urn, top a collar of pine branches with an 18-inch grapevine ball wrapped in white lights (on a brown cord to blend). Matching wreaths wearing pine sprigs twinkle with lights, too.

String bling.
String bling.

Star-light basket A few festive trimmings turn a hanging basket into a lighted front door display. Weave a strand of battery-powered lights around pine branches and twigs tucked in a woven basket. Layer velvet ribbon over burlap ribbon, then loop under the basket to hang. Papier-mâché stars-spray-painted silver--add Yuletide glitz.

Star-light basket.

Antique illusion Give bargain glass vases the lustrous look of mercury glass with a spray-on mirror finish. We used Krylon's Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint. Lightly spray water inside clean vases, then spray the same area with mirror finish. (Paint should run, creating an aged, crackled effect.) Turn upside down to dry. For a heavier finish, repeat. Remember, don't leave lit candles unattended.

Antique illusion

Buying guide

Door basket Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. (888) 739-4120;

Glass vases Hobby Lobby. (800) 888-0321;

Grapevine ball 18-inch. Save-on-Crafts. (831) 768-8428;

Grapevine wreaths Save-on-Crafts (831) 768-8428;

Mercury glass spray paint Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint. Krylon. (800) 457-9566;

Ribbon Burlap (on pillow and basket); velvet (on basket). Hobby Lobby. (800) 888-0321;

Stars Papier-mâché. Hobby Lobby. (800) 888-0321;

Urns Lowe's. (800) 445-6937;