Who needs a stocking when you can deliver your caramel candies in an easy-to-craft goodie bag?
caramel candies in little treat bags
Credit: Carson Downing

Easy to assemble and customize in any color, this crepe paper treat bag is a simple project that's easy and affordable to create in multiples. The fold at the bottom of the bag can be tricky to understand at first but is actually very easy once you try it with paper in hand. After securing all the folds with glue, you'll have a festive bag ready to be filled with caramel candies, tied with a ribbon and delivered. (If you like, add a hand-stamped tag too!)


  • Gold crepe paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper punch
  • 3/8-inch ribbon
  • Cardstock
  • Stamp and ink pad (optional)
  • Circle punch (optional)
Crepe Paper Treat Bag how-to illustrations

How To

  1. Cut an 11×10-inch rectangle of gold crepe paper. Gently stretch the crepe paper to a 12×10-inch rectangle.
  2.  Position paper horizontally with the gold side facing downward. Fold the top down 11/2-inches and secure with hot glue (Illustration A).
  3.  Take in the left and right sides, overlap them 1/2-inch, then seal that seam with hot glue, to create an open sleeve of paper (Illustration B).
  4.  Fold the bottom up 2 inches to define the base of the bag; gently crease (Illustration C). Open the top layer of the base back toward you, and press the sides inward, to create triangles that lie flat when the base is fully open (Illustration D). Fold the tops and bottoms down so they overlap, and secure all with hot glue (Illustration E).
  5. Punch a small hole (through both sides) at the top of bag.