Calm, cool, collected: Holiday decor doesn't need to shout. Keep calm and carry on with burlap, fresh greenery and the sweet surprise of sculptural sheep.

1 Star attraction For an alternate tree topper, drop one, two or three Moravian star lights from chains secured to ceiling hooks right above the tree. Add battery-powered candles or light strands for glow.

2 Have you herd? In a soothing nod to the Nativity scene, concrete sheep rest in straw strewn on burlap beneath the tree. (Purchase small bales at crafts stores.)

3 Quiet, please! Solid-color ornaments eliminate the "noise" of zany notifs.

Solid-color ornaments eliminate the "noise" of zany motifs.

4 We three trees A trio of pines in baskets gives the feel of a mini forest. Minimal trimmings let the natural beauty shine.

5 Whispers of fabric Inexpensive burlap ($4 a yard) makes for crazy-quick window treatments. Stitch a rod pocket at the top; leave the bottom unhemmed to fray. Earthy burlap makes for wreath hangers and tree skirts, too.

6 Top flyer A wooden sled glides across two small stools for an impromptu seasonal coffee table.

7 Let it snow Place tree stands inside large baskets dipped in white paint to mimic snow. Line baskets with burlap and encircle with twinkling lights.

8 Give more Before they're opened, use wrapped gifts as decor. They'll sparkle in surprising spots, like windowsills, bookshelves, tables, benches-even on chairs.

Trio of trees holiday decorating

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Tree Moravian star pendants World Market. (877) 967-5362; Jute rug Ticking in crimson, Dash and Albert. (877) 586-4771; Sheep ornaments Baaing Cotswold lamb, Colin's Creatures. (828) 215-6006; Red pillows on sofa and large baskets Crate and Barrel. (913) 469-5100; Concrete sheep One of a Find Creations. (515) 282-0148;

Sunroom Grazing sheep and lamb lawn statues Plow and Hearth. (800) 494-7544; Small sheep under cloche Galway Baaing Flock, Colin's Creatures. (828) 215-6006; Wood sled Pottery Barn. (888) 779-5176;; Jingle pillow Pottery Barn. (888) 779-5176;