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Our gardening guides will help you select plants, make a raised bed, create garden art, design a garden path, tackle quick-and-easy garden projects and save time in your garden.

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Best Trees & Shrubs for Fall Color

Add exciting color to your autumn garden with these easy-to-grow trees and shrubs.

How to Make a Stunning Marigold Wreath

We love marigolds for their chipper and long-lasting color. Before frost, snip blooms for a wreath—and start planning now for your bumper crop next year.

How to Build a Garden Bouquet Step-by-Step

Design a bouquet with a wide array of florals, edibles and botanicals—even weeds. Follow these step-by-step instructions to build your own flower arrangement.

14 Ways to Save Water in Your Garden

These ideas will help you find water-wise techniques for growing a beautiful landscape.

10 Top Succulent Plants for the Midwest

Succulents are easy to grow, stingy with water and rich in texture and shape. Here are 10 of our top choices for sedums and other hardy succulents that thrive in the Midwest.

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