Each spring, this garden will be a vision in red and white.

About this garden

The double border gets its name from the mixed plantings of 'Red Riding Hood' tulips and white anemone (Anemone blanda). To create these double drifts of color, it's important to choose varieties that bloom at the same time.

Start by digging a hole deep enough to accommodate the larger bulbs, usually the tulips. Put the tulip bulbs in the hole and cover them with soil until you reach the appropriate level for smaller species, such as anemone, crocus, and scilla. Then, set the smaller bulbs in place over the larger ones. Cover with the rest of the soil and water thoroughly. In the spring, both sets of bulbs will appear together, creating a spectacular display of color.

For a large version of the planting plan for this garden, click the link below. Warning: this large image may require a minute or so to download.

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