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Tour beautiful gardens created by homeowners throughout the Midwest and get ideas for transforming your own yard.

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A Pair of Flower Farmers Sows a New Beginning—Twice—in Madison County, Iowa
Jenn and Adam O'Neal put down roots at Pepperharrow Farm, a 20-acre homestead near Des Moines—and worked with nature to bring it back to life after a devastating 2022 tornado.
Explore the Private Plant Collection of the Park and Gardens Director for the Indianapolis Museum of Art
You might expect Jonathan Wright to go home to a formally coiffed yard. Instead, he stuffs in the plants, stacks the pots and lets everything grow.
7 Midwest Estate Gardens Worth Traveling For
Pack your parasol—or at least a cute hat—for a sunny amble through the gardens of a historic Midwest manor.
Midwest Plants for Small-Space Greenery and Color
In her small Detroit backyard, botanical artist Lisa Waud plants a leafy foundation, then selectively accents with pops of color and vertical climbers.
This Garden in Ann Arbor Transforms into a Kaleidoscope of Colors Each Fall
A retired doctor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has spent a decade crafting his wooded landscape. Each falll, he relishes the warmth and color of his garden masterpiece.

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Modern Landscape Design Lessons from the Iconic Miller House Garden
This masterpiece in Indiana dates to the 1950s – and it's packed with dreamy design inspiration.
This Family's Garden Farm is a Nature-Filled Paradise
On land passed down through generations, a Wisconsin family experiences—and shares—the glory of gardening.
Hello, Yellow! An Ohio Gardener Shares His Daffodil Tips

A move to a daffodil-crazed town spurs one gardener's passion for these easy, deer-proof harbingers of spring.