Container Gardens

Get great looks in small spaces with these tips. We’ve got ideas for flower containers, vegetable containers, terrariums, succulent containers, tabletop water gardens and more.

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Easy Winter Planters You’ll Love

Bring joy to the world (or your porch, at least) with easy, illuminated winter containers that let nature sing.
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Creative Containers for Succulents

Give your succulents a home in planters with character. Just add soil, water and plants.
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3 Great DIY Window Box Ideas

For instant curb appeal, it’s hard to beat window boxes. We’ve got plant picks and design twists, including a couple that are totally pane-less.
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Up Your Style With These Houseplants

Michigan plant pro Megan Kellogg says green is the final layer in a well-designed room. So shop for houseplants as you would throw pillows: thoughtfully, in multiples and with an eye toward style.
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How to Care for Houseplants

How often should you water your houseplants? What temperature do houseplants like? Where should you put a low-light plant? Check out our answers to these and other common houseplant questions.
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Fairy Gardens Add a Touch of Magic to Your Yard

Gardening in miniature brings whimsy and imagination to any space. Here are some tips for how to create your own fairy garden.
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More Container Gardens

How to Make Succulent Container Gardens

Grow a desert-inspired tabletop garden with hardy succulents. Here are tips for getting your container garden started and caring for your succulents.
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How to Use Wooden Crates as Garden Containers

Wooden crates—vintage or new—make sturdy container gardens as well as storage solutions for garden tools. Check out our ideas for using crates to hold flowers, store seedling pots, corral garden implements and more.
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How To: Create a Cracked-Pot Garden

Turn broken pots into unique container gardens!