Container Gardens

Get great looks in small spaces with these tips. We've got ideas for flower containers, vegetable containers, terrariums, succulent containers, tabletop water gardens and more.

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Put the lime in the coconut—and the island spirit in your containers—with the bold foliage of heat-loving tropical plants.
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We talked with Jared Hughes, co-owner of Groovy Plants Ranch near Columbus, about 11 sculptural plants guaranteed to bring personality to your home.
How to Care for Flowering Houseplants
Author Lisa Eldred Steinkopf shares how to make blooms last longer—and repeat.
How to Save Ailing Houseplants—Plus Which Easy-Care Ones to Try Next
In a new book, the founder of Ohio Tropics celebrates houseplants and unravels the mysteries of their care.
10 of the Coolest Houseplant Shops in the Midwest
These one-of-a-kind spots offer rare plant varieties, unique gifts, rental services, classes and more. 

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