Container Gardens

Get great looks in small spaces with these tips. We've got ideas for flower containers, vegetable containers, terrariums, succulent containers, tabletop water gardens and more.

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Container Garden Inspiration From a Top Chicago Designer

Austin Eischeid, who designs Millennium Park’s stunning container gardens, offers tips for creating your own beautiful container arrangements. 

How to Use Grow Bags for Amazing Vegetable Gardens

Yes, these bags are lightweight and portable, but that’s not all. An Ohio extension agent explains another surprising perk.

The Art of Growing Bonsai Trees

An Ohio firefighter cultivates tranquility at home with the ancient pastime of bonsai.

Up Your Houseplant Game With These Amazing Dish Gardens

You long ago mastered philodendrons. Succulents are old hat. Even your fiddle-leaf is still fiddling along. The next step in your houseplant journey: mixing plants to create indoor landscapes in pots.

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How to Plant a Water Lily

With a large container, bricks and a nursery trip, you can create a romantic, miniature garden in an afternoon.

How to Care for Houseplants

How often should you water your houseplants? What temperature do houseplants like? Where should you put a low-light plant? Check out our answers to these and other common houseplant questions.