Learn about what plants to grow in the Midwest and see beautiful Midwest gardens. Use our tips to choose flowers, create container gardens, design a garden and tackle easy garden projects.

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Beautiful Floating Mandalas Are So Easy to Create

Floating floral displays called mandalas make a fun and rewarding summer project for both adults and kids. Just fill a container with water; cut flower heads, petals and leaves; then arrange in a pattern on the water. See ideas from an Ohio garden pro for floating mandalas and other Earth art, plus get step-by-step instructions to create your own.

Detroit's Belle Isle Gets a New Urban Garden

A new garden by a landscape artist with a curious interest in the Motor City gives Detroiters a reason to revisit Belle Isle.

In Love With Hydrangeas

Puppies. Chocolate. Sunsets. File them all under Things That Make Us Go Heart-Eyes—right along with hydrangeas.

Discover an Urban Oasis at Midwest Public Gardens

When you want to give city life the slip, public gardens await. Watch koi swirl in a pond. See a rare lily bloom in a glassy pool. Find out what grows in the cool of a streambed. Learn a lot—or just sit a spell and soak in the calm.

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Container Garden Inspiration From a Top Chicago Designer

Austin Eischeid, who designs Millennium Park’s stunning container gardens, offers tips for creating your own beautiful container arrangements. 

How to Create a Low-Maintenance Gravel Garden

Are you done pulling weeds? Try gravel gardening—a new technique that’s low-maintenance and Earth-friendly. Here's what a Wisconsin pro recommends.