Learn about what plants to grow in the Midwest and see beautiful Midwest gardens. Use our tips to choose flowers, create container gardens, design a garden and tackle easy garden projects.

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How to Propagate Houseplants (It’s Easy!)

Houseplants are easy to trim, cut and divide to make more plants. Just ask the “Houseplant Guru” from the Detroit area. She grew her own collection of hundreds of houseplants through propagation—that’s botanist’s talk for making plant babies. Check out her techniques.

Hello, Yellow! An Ohio Gardener Shares His Daffodil Tips

A move to a daffodil-crazed town spurs one gardener’s passion for these easy, deer-proof harbingers of spring.

The Art of Growing Bonsai Trees

An Ohio firefighter cultivates tranquility at home with the ancient pastime of bonsai.

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Up Your Houseplant Game With These Amazing Dish Gardens

You long ago mastered philodendrons. Succulents are old hat. Even your fiddle-leaf is still fiddling along. The next step in your houseplant journey: mixing plants to create indoor landscapes in pots.

A Woodland Garden Paradise in Michigan

The sights and sounds of water tumbling over stones soothe the soul at this inspiring woodland garden at a Michigan home.