Learn about what plants to grow in the Midwest and see beautiful Midwest gardens. Use our tips to choose flowers, create container gardens, design a garden and tackle easy garden projects.

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Take Your Garden to New Heights with Clematis

Dubbed the Queen of Climbers, clematis starts humble. But once rambling up a trellis and thick with flowers, this perennial is, indeed, regal. New varieties come in many colors with longer bloom times, and in sizes from 2 to 20 feet.

Bouquets of Joy From U-Pick Flower Farms

Snip, sniff, say aah—U-pick flower fields provide more than just fresh bouquets.

Digging Into History at Minnesota’s Glensheen Mansion

By her own admission, Emily Ford was an unlikely pick to be head gardener at Glensheen Mansion in Minnesota. But she is thriving—and so are the acres of vegetables and blooms she nurtures.

8 Ways to Use Tough, Versatile Sedges In Your Garden

This under-appreciated grass-like perennial can be a lawn alternative, a groundcover, a border, a container plant and more.

A Dramatic Border of Silver-Tone Plants

An all-silver palette of plants in varying shapes, sizes and textures can create a dramatic border for your garden. An Ohio garden pro shows how to get the look.

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Beautiful Floating Mandalas Are So Easy to Create

Floating floral displays called mandalas make a fun and rewarding summer project for both adults and kids. Just fill a container with water; cut flower heads, petals and leaves; then arrange in a pattern on the water. See ideas from an Ohio garden pro for floating mandalas and other Earth art, plus get step-by-step instructions to create your own.

How to Create a Low-Maintenance Gravel Garden

Are you done pulling weeds? Try gravel gardening—a new technique that’s low-maintenance and Earth-friendly. Here's what a Wisconsin pro recommends.