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Favorite Midwest Hometown Recipes
Sample a taste of the Midwest with these 50 recipes that reflect Heartland tradition and ingredients, from South Dakota peach kuchen to Iowa corn chowder.
Midwest Soups State by State
We created 12 bubbling soups, stews and chowders to celebrate ingredients from Midwest states.
Signature Midwestern Cakes
Salute the Midwest's food heritage with cakes that celebrate our 12 states. We researched regional ingredients, traditions and other influences to create a cake for each state.
Readers' Choice Fall Comfort Foods
What do you love to cook in fall? Chili, stew, pot roast, meat loaf, pie, pumpkin bread, squash, dumplings, beans, sweet potatoes—that's what our Facebook fans tell us. Dig in to these recipes inspired by your comments!

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One-of-a-Kind Midwest Sandwiches
Celebrate your state with a signature sandwich made using ingredients special to your area. There's one for each of the 12 Midwest states. Cheese, meat, veggies, sauce -- they're all here for your next tailgating extravaganza or casual get-together.
30 Favorite Casserole and Hotdish Recipes
Serve a bubbly main course, side dish or dessert from your oven with these hearty casserole recipes.