If you can make pancakes, you can flip crepes.

Crepes allow for endless creativity. They're foldable, rollable, stackable, fillable, bakeable and totally customizable. You can make all our recipes with purchased crepes (available in the produce section), but naturally, homemade tastes even better. Luckily, crepes are simple: just a blender batter and a hot skillet. One batch makes plenty, and extras freeze well. Follow our time-tested tips for success. Here's the full crepe recipe - with cocoa, whole wheat and fresh herb variations.

Pour and swirl the crepe
Credit: Blaine Moats

Pour and Swirl 

A proper crepe pan (pictured here and widely available online) is handy, but any nonstick skillet works. Brush the hot pan with butter and pour in a few tablespoons of batter. (Don't worry about über-precise measurements.) Quickly tip the pan in a circular motion to spread the batter. You won't get a perfect circle every time, but you'll get a feel for it as you go.

Flip crepe gently
Credit: Blaine Moats

Flip Gently

After a minute or so, the crepe will look dry on top. Slip a thin utensil (such as an offset knife, small rubber spatula or butter knife) under one edge, grab the crepe with your fingers and turn it. You may tear your first one. Don't curse or pout. This happens. Cook's treat! Eat it with Nutella while you cook the rest; again, you'll find your rhythm as you go.

Stack crepes with care
Credit: Blaine Moats

Stack with Care 

After flipping the crepe, cook it about 30 seconds longer, then slide it out of the pan onto a plate or paper towel. (Fact: The second side will never be as lovely and lacy as the first.) If you are going to eat the crepes that day, just stack them. For longer storage (especially in the freezer), layer the crepes between waxed paper to prevent sticking.