Don’t let these pumpkins fool you; the designs may look painted, but the patterns are actually created with tissue paper.

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Use orange pumpkins or paint them with white exterior latex paint and let dry. A black-and-white color scheme gives any decorating project a bold, sophisticated look that pops against fall's bright oranges.

Tissue paper pumpkins
Tissue paper pumpkins

• Cut a 9 12x12-inch piece of tissue paper that is the same color as the pumpkin.

• Fold tissue paper over the edges of an 8 12x11-inch piece of card stock, taping edges on the back.

• Load card stock-tissue side up-into your printer's paper tray.

• Print any fall shape, or use one of our designs below.

• Cut 14 inch around the pattern then remove the card stock.

• Secure tissue-paper image to the pumpkin using Outdoor Mod Podge, piecing parts together as necessary.

• Cover the entire pumpkin with another coat of the Mod Podge to seal paper edges to the pumpkin.

Pumpkin table setting
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