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How to Make Your Own Brioche

At Hewn bakery in Evanston, Illinois, Ellen King uses heritage flour in an impossibly buttery brioche dough that she shape-shifts into loaves, rolls, buns and more. We snagged the recipes from her cookbook. Now it’s your time to take a shot at learning how to make brioche.
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How to Make The Best Pavlova

With her magnificently domed and airy pavlova, a Minneapolis pastry chef takes a traditional meringue dessert to new heights—literally. You can, too.
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Beautiful Pound Cakes from Nathaniel Reid Bakery

St. Louis pastry chef Nathaniel Reid gives pound cake a chic, patisserie-style makeover. Your trusty loaf pan never had it so good.
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Recipes for the Ultimate Pie (and Piecrust) from Sister Pie

Detroit's Sister Pie bakery shares recipes for tantalizing pies, unforgettable all-butter crust and other from-scratch treats. Try a reimagined classic such as Toasted Marshmallow Sweet Potato Pie or make good use of dough scraps with Pie Cookies.
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Sweet and Salty Desserts and Snacks

Why do we crave the combo of sweet and salty? Basically, salt enhances and intensifies sweetness. Thank your taste buds for this. And then get cooking on one of these recipes.
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How to Roll Out Pie Crust

Follow our step-by-step instructions to see how to roll out a pastry crust with a rolling pin, transfer it to the pan and then crimp the edge for the perfect crust.
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Holiday Truffles in 3 Easy Steps

Think holiday truffles are too fussy to make at home? A Detroit chocolatier has encouraging advice: Just roll with it.
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The Secrets to Unforgettable Pie Dough

At a little Michigan bakery, we found crumb-topped cranberries, sunny-side up tarts, toasty meringue—and the secret to making buttery, flaky, utterly unforgettable pie dough from scratch.
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9 Easy Homemade Ice Pop Recipes

Fruity and bracing or creamy and indulgent, our easy ice pops are a delicious antidote to summer's heat. Find recipes for flavors such as Watermelon Lemonade, Cookies & Cream and Choco-Banana.