Slip yourself one of these insanely rich cookies on those gray afternoons when only chocolate will do.
Mood-Booster Cookies
Credit: Brie Passano

Dark days demand dark chocolate. Obviously. How else to navigate the chasm between last holiday twinkle and first spring crocus? We know what dwells in that valley: Work. Weekend. Work.

The cold slog ahead calls for discipline, determination and a deep, dark secret, one best compounded in private: Melt chocolate, soften with butter, sweeten with sugar, spike with espresso. Scoop into mounds as densely packed with mood-lifting agents as a sphere of molten sunshine.

Slide into the oven and let set. Taste, if you must. Sequester the rest in the freezer, preferably under a bag of peas. Square your shoulders. Tell no one.

When the day grows long, the week turns steep, the month freezes solid, find your stash. Self-prescribe a single dose. Let it come up to temperature, gathering potency. Administer solo, in silence, with or without a steaming cup of coffee.

Return to the grind, revived.

Not for the fainthearted, Mood-Booster Cookies fall somewhere between a truffle and a cookie. They contain no flour, aside from a little almond meal, which gives them a melting texture (and makes them perfect for anyone who avoids gluten). Get the recipe here.