Browse our best recipes for chicken and turkey, including casseroles, baked chicken, roast chicken, chicken soup, quick and easy recipes and slow-cooker chicken.

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Chicken Wing Recipes

Buffalo chicken wings, BBQ chicken wings, Thai chicken wings and more—try our delicious recipes for this easy-to-make appetizer or main dish.
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This Man Knows Good Chicken

Television host and food writer Andrew Zimmern makes a passionate case for reigniting your relationship with the world’s most humble bird.
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How to Butcher a Chicken

A boning knife and cleaver are handy if you have them, but a sharp, sturdy chef’s knife is up to the whole task. Follow our step-by-step illustrated instructions to learn how to cut up a chicken.
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Fall Chicken Recipes

Cider-braised chicken, roasted chicken with sage and slow-cooker chicken are just a few of our recipes perfect for serving during fall's cool, crisp weather.
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Chicken Thigh Recipes to Try Tonight

Budget-friendly chicken thighs deliver big flavor. Try using chicken thighs in skillet suppers, slow-cooker recipes, casseroles, soups, grilled dishes and more.
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Chicken Salad 5 Ways

This lunchtime classic rewards the cook who likes to play in the kitchen. Start with our basic chicken salad recipe, then try one of our variations. After all, what doesn't taste good with chicken?
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35 Favorite Chicken Slow-Cooker Recipes

Our best slow-cooker chicken recipes feature creamy sauces, zesty spices, fresh vegetables and other ideas for preparing slow-cooker chicken dinners, chicken soups and chicken stews.
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35 Fresh Ideas for Chicken Recipes

These fresh takes on chicken—including recipes for chicken casseroles, chicken skillet dinners, chicken soups, rotisserie chicken recipes and one-dish meals—offer updated ways to serve that bird.
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