Matt Crossman fishing on boat
Matt Crossman fishing on boat

Matt Crossman

Matt Crossman is a freelance travel and adventure writer whose work has been cited in Best American Sports Writing, Best American Essays and Year's Best Sports Writing a combined nine times. In pursuit of stories he has gone skydiving, hiking, surfing, rock climbing, ice climbing and much more. If it sounds like he plays for a living, that's a fair assessment. Follow along as he pursues his next adrenaline rush.
One writer's nature-filled outing with the guys has evolved into a seasonal occurrence.
Running 52 miles between Milwaukee and Madison, this gravel trail is flat and easy to ride, suitable for beginners out for an easy pedal and for more experienced riders hoping to put in big miles.
If you want to enjoy the great outdoors but don't want to spend thousands of dollars buying a trailer or motorhome, the growing rental market offers many options.
Last summer, I ran away from the headlines to ride my bike across Missouri on the historic katy trail— best decision ever. If you need a spring tonic after a trying winter, here’s your prescription.