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What It's Like To: Feed Zoo Animals

Giraffes eat from guests' hands, kangaroos accept pats and lemurs jump into laps at Tanganyika Wildlife Park near Wichita, Kansas.

You don't realize the impact that you can potentially have on a kid's life, or even an adult's life. by providing this kind of experience. It's one of those deals where, if you can just wake up one or two people a day to the importance of what we're trying to do with nature and with conservation and awareness, if you will, then we're doing a good thing here. It's one thing to stand there and look at those lories in a cage. It's quite another to have those lories climbing on you. The tactile thing...you know...everybody wants to reach out and touch, right? I mean it makes a big difference. It's amazing to watch, you know, how people really want to touch and experience that. It's so much more of an experience than just being able to stand and look.