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How To: Make a Sweet Tea Old Fashioned

James Tortoreti of The Hive in Bentonville, Arkansas shows us how to make the restaurant's signature Sweet Tea Old Fashioned with bourbon, sweet tea syrup and lemon juice.

Today we're at The Hive at 21c Bentonville in Bentonville, Arkansas. We're going to make for you today the Sweet Tea Old Fashioned. This cocktail pays great homage to the original 21c in Louisville, Kentucky with its use of Old Forester bourbon, sweet tea syrup and fresh lemon juice. The first thing you'll do is fill your mixer tin three quarters of the way with ice. You'll add two ounces Old Forester bourbon. And then you'll combine one ounce of sweet tea syrup, which we make in-house, and steep for 20 minutes to really get a concentrated amount of tea flavor in there. Then we reheat and add equal parts sugar to make a nice, thick syrup. Then you'll add three fourth ounce lemon juice. You'll go ahead and stir that 40 times to get the proper dilution. What we want to do is we want to have just enough of the ice to melt away into the drink to give it the proper flavor.  Then you'll take a fresh rocks glass, some fresh ice and you'll go ahead and strain that. Add a candied lemon peel (that we do make here at The Hive as well) and there you have the sweet tea old fashioned made here at The Hive at 21c Bentonville. For more information on the hotel or The Hive, please visit us at 21cmuseumhotels.com.