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How To: Make Tiny Pumpkin Torcheres

Transform small pumpkins into stunning torcheres in minutes.

With a handful of garden stakes and some simple hardware, you can transform palm-size pumpkins into a bouquet of magical torcheres in minutes! All you’ll need are miniature pumpkins, an apple corer, a grapefruit spoon, nails, washers, tea-light candles in metal cups (or battery operated tea lights) and bamboo garden stakes. Start by snapping the stem off each pumpkin. Using an apple corer, cut an opening the diameter of the tea light in the top of each pumpkin. Scoop out the seeds and pulp using a grapefruit spoon. To stabilize the tea light, remove the candle from the metal cup, then push a nail through a washer, the tea-light cup… …the bottom of the pumpkin and another washer. Anchor the pumpkin by pushing the nail into the hollow center of a bamboo stake, then place the candle back inside the cup. Finish by standing your torcheresin a bucket filled with sand or gravel. Light the candles and marvel at your glowing fall masterpiece!