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How To: Craft a Fall Wreath

Adorn your front entry with this easy to make fall wreath.

For fun colors and shapes, gather a mix of your favorite seasonal delights and get creative! For our wreath, we used an old wire tomato cage, jute, gardening wire, ribbon, pruners, wire cutters, gourds, snowberries, small ears of field corn, cranberries, pine boughs and millet stalk. First, snip off the top layer of the tomato cage, leaving the spokes attached. Flatten out all of the spokes so they radiate out from the circle. Next, wrap the circular wire with jute to stabilize it and to give it a finished look. Slide small ears of corn along with pumpkins or gourds onto the wire spokes, creating a rhythmic pattern. Slide on cranberries or other fruits above the gourds to hide the wires. For a flourish, wire together millet, small pine boughs, and snowberries with gardening wire. Tie the flourish onto the wreath with an autumn-hue ribbon. Hang your fall wreath and display with pride.