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The Obert Dairy Farm

Take a close-up look at a family dairy farm and the work involved in caring for cows and producing milk on a commercial scale

I'€™m Steve Obert and our family has been farming in our county for over 100 years, and just recently, in the last two years, we expanded our farm to bring in the sixth generation into our farming operation. I think when you're raised on a farm, raised around animals, and you have such a positive experience working with your family, you develop a love of what they do. And not only that, but we'€™ve just developed a deep love for cows and appreciation for what they do. We're very proud of the fact our cows are very healthy. We spend a lot of time personally observing the cows, walking the barn, looking for cows that, you know, may not be feeling well and giving them special attention. High quality milk really begins with the care of the cow and even there it begins when she'€™s a small baby, just born. If we can provide plenty of high quality food, plenty of water, make her feel safe and make her feel comfortable, it makes her healthy. And when she'€™s healthy, her milk is safe and a high quality. Also, there's rigorous testing standards that each load of milk that leaves our farm goes through to ensure it'€™s safe and wholesome for consumers.