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Denny's Diner

2 W. Munroe Ave.
Lake Delton  Wisconsin  53940
United States
(608) 254-7647
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Midwest Living Review

Lisa Meyers McClintick
Not to be confused with the national chain, this 1950s Lake Delton cafe serves up crazy-good cinnamon rolls with a hearty side of pop culture.

With Elvis in the front window and a mouthwatering display case full of plump sweet rolls, Denny’s serves up heaping portions of nostalgia. It’s also a great place to play I Spy—you might catch old Beatles videos or black-and-white episodes of The Little Rascals on the TVs. A model train chugs along tracks above a glass phone booth where Clark Kent readies for his Superman routine, and a pulley sends Donald Duck pedaling over customers’ heads.

Breakfast options include classic pancake stacks and platters heaped with crispy hash browns, eggs, bacon and toast ($6.50 to $7.50), as well as specials like blueberry cheesecake French toast ($5.25). Whatever you order, make sure you save room for a signature frost-your-own cinnamon roll or a big gooey caramel bun ($2.50). Lunch and dinner fare is mostly diner-standard sandwiches and burgers ($5 to $10) washed down with malts and shakes.

Denny’s accept cash and checks only; there's an on-site ATM.

April 6, 2013

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