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Top Secret

2127 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy.
Wisconsin Dells  Wisconsin  53965
United States
(608) 254-6700
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Midwest Living Review

Lisa Meyers McClintick
Enjoy free views of the unexpected upside-down White House along Wisconsin Dells Parkway, but don't bother paying for the inside tour.

Drive by this tourist trap enough times, and your kids might start begging to see what’s inside the upside-down White House (it’s hard not to be curious about the dinosaur bursting through the wall).

Top Secret sticks out like a strange movie set in a town that’s already full of over-the-top attractions and attention-getting theatrics. Unfortunately, the show inside is blah and a waste of time. Visitors wait 5 to 10 minutes to take a 15-minute guided tour that attempts to amuse with lame jokes and scare tactics that fall flat. When asked to explain the attraction, staff will say it’s a mixture of fun house and haunted house, but if you’re expecting some sort of explanation for the topsy-turvy White House and dinosaur, you won’t get it. Tours go room to room through rustic passageways. Along the way you'll gape at an alien, see a jailed Big Foot and dodge spiders.

Most kids seem to like the rotating tunnel; the highlight for grown-ups is the opportunity to shoot campy family photos in rooms that appear to be upside down. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for kids ages 6 through 12, but we can’t recommend purchasing them. Just take a quick photo from the road and move along. 

March 9, 2013

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