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Trillium Cottages

E10596 E. Salem Ridge Rd.
La Farge  Wisconsin  54639
United States
(608) 625-4492
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    - Hannah Agran
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    - Hannah Agran

Midwest Living Review

Hannah Agran
A pair of homey cottages on an old-fashioned Wisconsin farm offers families and couples a taste of the country life.

You've got several wake-up calls to choose from at Trillium Cottage. The morning sun pouring clear and golden through the windows. A donkey braying in the pasture. An old-school alarm clock beeping, probably not quite at the time you set it for. Or, as a matter of last resort, the owner arriving with her little girl to deliver a fresh-from-the-oven coffee cake to your door.Imagine what visiting your grandmother on the farm might have felt like, and that's what you'll find at Trillium Cottage, which is actually two cottages -- a two-story home for families and a one-bedroom bungalow for couples. Both are furnished with crocheted pillow covers, mismatched china and slightly lumpy furniture. There are no showers, just bathtubs, and the water is slow to warm up. But the fully stocked kitchen has all the utensils you need to make meals plus a few food items such as coffee, organic milk and farm-fresh eggs. Guests are welcome to explore the farm (whose residents include chickens, sheep and a friendly potbelly pig), and families with children will likely meet the owners' own young'ns. The atmosphere is supremely relaxing, perfect for catching up with a book.Really, Trillium's only downside is one of expectations. The website doesn't hint at the rusticity and is misleading about the breakfast provided. However, if you go in with your eyes open, Trillium is a treat. Trace back your family tree a generation or two, and you'll likely find a farm a lot like this one. It's nice that someone is preserving it for the rest of us.

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