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Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen

Visit the home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright near Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Frank Lloyd Wright was returning to his roots and running from a failed marriage in 1911 when he bought 32 acres of pastoral hilltop overlooking the Wisconsin River near Spring Green. The existing Taliesen residence is the third home built on this ancestral land by the architect after fire consumed the first two. This website chronicles the family's history in the area, the development of the estate and the creation of the Taliesen Fellowship to train apprentice architects.

You'll find a list of special events at Taliesen and a schedule of tour times. The online gift shop carries a selection of books about Wright and his buildings, as well as posters, stained glass, pillows and small items such as Wright-inspired bookmarks.

For a picture of Taliesin, and for help finding accommodations, food and attractions in the area, log on to the Spring Green website.


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