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Queen Anne Carriage Rides

N9030 Little Elkhart Lake Rd.
Elkhart Lake  Wisconsin  53020
United States
(920) 876-2182
(920) 980-7405
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Melanie Radzicki McManus
Clip-clop around historic Elkhart Lake in an elegant, horse-drawn carriage while driver Richard Wittgreve regales you with tales of the village's past.

There are carriage rides, and then there are carriage rides. During the first type, your driver takes you to scenic spots in a given city while you quietly gaze at the sights. During the latter, your driver tells you what you're seeing and fills you in on the town's history, even if it's a bit, ahem, scandalous. Richard Wittgreve's Queen Anne tours are the latter, and they're wonderful. Elkhart Lake has a pretty interesting history for a small town in the middle of nowhere. It was, and still is, a famous car racing spot, for one. It was a rich man's vacation paradise. And like so many places in this part of the country, it was also one of Al Capone and John Dillinger's hideouts. Wittgreve, in full carriage-driver attire, will tell you about everything as he drives his snow-white, horse-drawn conveyance through the picturesque village. And as you gently clip and clop along, listening to Wittgreve's tales of the days of yore, you just might think you see Capone's shadow in one of the windows in the Victorian Village resort. Rides start at $60 for up to four adults and two kids.

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