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Nitschke Mounds County Park

W5984 County Road E
Burnett  Wisconsin  53922
United States
(920) 386-3700
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Midwest Living Review

This park's 54 acres of forest and wetland contain nearly 40 Native American mounds constructed between 800 and 1100 A.D.

The Midwest's largest collection of Native American effigy, conical and linear burial mounds is here at Nitschke Mounds County Park in Wisconsin's Dodge County. The park grounds once held 62 identified mounds, created by the Late Woodland Effigy Mound Culture, but over time many were destroyed. Today, 39 remain on the grounds, which opened as a county park in 2003. The park is quite rustic, featuring a shelter with picnic tables and a series of trails that wind around the site's 54 acres and past its mounds. There are a few interpretive signs along the trails and a bench or two, but that's about it. Yet this simplicity perfectly fits the site, and better helps you to imagine the mound builders who called it home between 800 A.D. and 1100 A.D. While some of the mounds are in the park's open areas, many are enclosed in its scenic woods, which open onto a picturesque pond and wetland area. Mounds are considered sacred by modern Native American tribes because they often contain the remains of ancient villagers. If you stop here, remember that you can't climb on the mounds or remove any artifacts you might see.

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