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Riverview Antique Market

175 S. Water St.
Milwaukee  Wisconsin  53204
United States
(414) 278-9999
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    - Josh Wimmer
A business, but free to enter and explore.

Midwest Living Review

Odd lots and fine art are among the delights at this warehouse, where even folks who aren't into antiques will have fun looking around.

Even if you aren't into antiques, this spot in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward arts district--a big warehouse divvied up into dozens of private dealers' little domains--is worth checking out. Besides offering oodles of stylish and valuable antiquarian goods, it's crammed full of old, weird furniture and musical instruments, posters and art, books and knickknacks. Contributing to the carnival-esque ambience are authentic, giant tapestry advertisements for circus attractions, such as "Alzora the Turtle Girl" and "Oriental Tomb Terror" from the personal collection of one of the building's owner's. About 50 dealers rent space in the market, and prices on the merchandise range from $3 to around $4,000. Customers range from the young couples and empty-nesters who populate the Third Ward to Chicago dealers looking for pieces to sell to their clients in the city. The Riverview market is also home to the best selection of fine Wisconsin art in the world.

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