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Lake Express Ferry Service

2330 S. Lincoln Memorial Dr.
Milwaukee  Wisconsin  53207
United States
1918 Lakeshore Dr.
Muskegon  Michigan  49441
United States
(866) 914-1010

Midwest Living Review

Karman Hotchkiss
Taking the ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon cuts hours off the drive time.

Lake Express ferry service makes for an interesting shortcut across Lake Michigan, as it runs between Milwaukee and Muskegon in about two-and-a-half hours.

If your impressions of ferry boats lean toward dirty barges hauling cars across the water as folks mill around on the deck, you'll be pleasantly surprised here. The Lake Express vessels carry up to 46 cars at a time and can seat 250 passengers in an enclosed upper-level. Seats resemble the kind on airplanes (with a little more elbowroom) and line up in rows along the sides of the passenger area. There’s a central snack bar and additional seats clustered around tables for folks who want to pass the time playing cards or games. Overall, accommodations are comfortable, clean and climate-controlled.

We were especially impressed with the Lake Express staff. From the security gate to the snack bar, every employee we encountered was friendly and professional, which made us newbies feel confident about the voyage. A one-way adult ticket runs $82.50 (round trips are $135), plus $87 if you want to bring your car. Don'’t forget to take the one-hour time change into account as you cross the lake.

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