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Satellite Crepes

Milwaukee  Wisconsin  53212
United States
(414) 807-2320
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Manya Kaczkowski
Organic ingredients, French flair and the opportunity to watch a crepe artist at work make this a fun -- though sometimes inconsistent -- stop.

Satellite Crepes is a tiny food cart built and operated by Dirk Werderch and his wife, Janeen, a pleasant, young couple who enjoy chatting with the customers while they work. The menu is not extensive, but offers both sweet and savory crepes, made from either organic buckwheat flour or organic garbanzo flour (sans egg and milk). Selections all have fun intergalactic names such as Moon Unit (fresh banana, Nutella and vanilla whipped cream) and Fresh Orb (shredded cheeses, fresh basil, tomato, lemon and truffle oil). On two separate visits, we tried the Capricorn ($7, mozzarella, tomato, basil and garlic oil), adding mushrooms for another dollar. Totally tasty, but varying in crepe texture (once the crepe was light and crispy, once thicker, chewier and darker). Dirk makes them while you watch, spritzing them with either garlic-infused olive oil or truffle oil, and then they're folded into a triangle and served hot off the grill. The first bite is an "mmmmm" moment, with crispy-crunchy mozzarella that melts out over the edge while on the griddle. Subsequent bites reveal tomato and basil. We also tried the Apollo, a simple lemon crepe ($4), for dessert, which consists of white sugar and fresh lemon juice sprinkled over a crepe, folded and finished with another sprinkling of sugar on top. It was OK, but we found ourselves wishing we had ordered one of the Nutella and fruit crepes instead. Prices seem a bit high here for the savory crepes ($6-$8), especially when compared to some of the other Milwaukee-area food trucks. Note: Make sure to check both Twitter and Facebook, or call ahead, before relying on the Satellite Crepes' website.

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