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Milwaukee  Wisconsin  53212
United States
(414) 477-8521
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Midwest Living Review

Manya Kaczkowski
With $3 globacos served up hot and tasty, this is a food truck that will widen your taco-rizons without depleting your cash.

The globaco (global + taco), Fast Foodie's claim to fame, is the creation of owner Jackie Valent Lucca, who set out to capture ethnic cuisine in a tortilla (or in a bowl, if you don't want the carbs). These $3 creations taste great and range from Korean bulgogi-style Hahny-Hahny to The Big Sexy (inspired by a Puerto-Rican friend) to the healthful My Big Fat Greek Globaco. We tried Jamaican Me Crazy, at the owner's suggestion. The first bite was warm, spicy and good, bulging with rice, raisins, slaw and a secret sauce that tasted of curry with a twist of Scotch Bonnet peppers. It's the most fun you'll ever have sweating! Jackie says that one customer loved it so much that he took a job on the truck. "He said, Jamaican me wanna work here!'" she says. The Big Sexy isn't spicy, but it's just as flavorful: marinated pork combined with rice, pigeon peas and fried plantains. There's only one side, Belgian Frites ($2.50), but it's all you need, especially with one of the interesting sauces offered as an accompaniment. srichara mayo, orange and wow-spicy, matches well with the crispy, hot and delicious frites, which are served Belgian-style, in a paper cone. The cracked pepper aioli is good, too; lighter, but peppery and tasty. The globaco, by the way, is wrapped in foil, which keeps it hot until you're ready to eat.

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