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AJ Bombers

1247 N. Water St.
Milwaukee  Wisconsin  53202
United States
(414) 221-9999
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Midwest Living Review

Manya Kaczkowski
This hot Milwaukee burger spot gives new meaning to the words getting bombed.

Love burgers, beer and World War II? You'll love AJ Bombers. It's definitely not fancy -- p-nut (that's how they spell them!) shells litter the floor, there's crayon graffiti everywhere, and p-nuts are delivered to patrons by way of bombs that zoom over their heads, aimed at targets throughout the restaurant. No salads allowed; the menu is mostly burgers, with vegan options. But the regular old beef burgers are swell, char-grilled, with lots of topping selections. After filling out the do-it-yourself food ticket, we enjoyed the Bomber ($7.50), topped with cheese and a Stuffed Shroom, and the Barrie ($6.50), with Nueske's bacon and chunky peanut butter. We sprung for the organic, grass-fed beef on the Barrie, adding $3.50 to the price, but found no notable difference in taste or quality. Both were done medium (they don't grill to order), toppings were excellent and the locally made, deli-style buns were perfectly toasted. The Bomber's huge portobella mushroom was deep fried and stuffed with cheddar and Muenster. While peanut butter cravers will love the Barrie, we wanted to scrape it off after a few bites -- it overwhelmed the other flavors slightly. Gi-normous fries and sweet potato chips were well seasoned and crispy, although the fries were warm, not hot. Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds and chipotle ranch dressing were tasty, but a little heavy to eat with a burger -- they'd be outstanding at cocktail hour with a beer. Note: Arrive early; there will likely be a wait at peak times: The restaurant recently won a food challenge on Travel Channel's "Food Wars," so the word is out.

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