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Vintage Brewing Company

674 S. Whitney Way
Madison  Wisconsin  53711
United States
(608) 204-2739
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Josh Wimmer
At this family-owned brewpub, odd but delicious craft beers are on tap and complemented by extra-hearty burgers and sandwiches.

Beer lovers, especially those with a taste for the unusual, will find a destination to love in Vintage Brewing Co. Don't let the pub's location in strip-mall country on Madison's west side fool you. Under the direction of brewmaster Scott Manning, it produces some of the most interesting draughts in the region. Offerings change seasonally but include treats like the pink Hibiscus Saison farmhouse ale (light and airy, with a little bite), the woody-in-a-good-way Woodshed IPA, and truly out-there experiments like Sprucifer ale (tastes like a Christmas tree), Finnish sahti and ginger-laced wheat beer. Vintage also has two or three cask-conditioned real ales (unfiltered, unpasteurized and uncarbonated) going at any given time and a wide selection of regional and national beers to complement the dozen or so of their own making. To fully enjoy the experience, it's best to put together your own flight of four-ounce samples. As for food, the menu offers plenty of options for absorbing the alcohol, with heavy pub food centered on meat, cheese and potatoes. Take for example the Grilled Cheese Cheeseburger; it's a burger between two ham-and-cheese melts and topped with two fried eggs! Your taste buds may thank you, even if your heart doesn't.

June 22, 2012

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