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Ingrid's Lunch Box

Top of State St. at the Capitol loop
Madison  Wisconsin  53704
United States
(608) 345-2132
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Josh Wimmer
When it comes to breakfast at Madison's famous farmers market, you won't do better than this crimson cart, serving piping hot egg sandwiches and crepes.

Ingrid Rockwell grew up on a Wisconsin farm with six siblings, "so food was really a big deal," she says. She learned to cook from scratch from her mom and a grandmother, who owned a restaurant in Germany and would visit each fall, then honed her skills -- and realized how much she liked being around food -- working at a bakery and as a line cook at a Greek restaurant. So when her first child was born and she decided she wanted a more flexible work schedule, she and her husband decided to open a food cart. He built the humble red bin, and Rockwell and a couple of friends dole out treats like fried egg sandwiches (featuring a tangy horseradish hollandaise of her invention) and cornmeal crepes packed with fresh ingredients every Saturday at Madison's Dane County Farmers Market. The food is made to order (there's even a convection oven, so Rockwell can cook her biscuits off). It's not the fastest meal you'll find on the sidewalk but worth the 10- to 15-minute wait. Try to get to Ingrid's early, because on most Saturdays, popular items are running low by 11 a.m.

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