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Glass Nickel Pizza Company

2916 Atwood Ave.
Madison  Wisconsin  53704
United States
(608) 245-0880
(608) 204-9493
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Melanie McManus
This is the ultimate pizza place: funky-chic decor to dress up/down your night, a full bar and, of course, some of the best pizza you'll ever taste.

Everybody loves pizza. But pizza joints are typically lowbrow, bright, noisy places where you go with the kids. And it's often hard to get something to drink other than a cola or watery beer. Enter Glass Nickel. Opened in 1997 in Madison's funky Schenk-Atwood neighborhood, the restaurant-bar has a Bohemian vibe and artsy decor that transforms it into whatever you're looking for, from casual eatery to quiet date-night site. And the pizza is out of this world While the standard za is on a medium-thick crust, you can order it thinner or thicker. All of the standard toppings are available. Or choose from a selection of innovative specialty pizzas, including Fetalicious, the number one seller (Feta cheese, spinach, red onion, tomato and mushrooms); the Thai Pie, featuring chicken, broccoli, red pepper and onions topped with spicy Thai peanut sauce; and the Couch Potato, topped with seasoned wedge fries, bacon, broccoli and cheese. Pasta, salads, sandwiches, chicken and fish are also available, plus a small selection of desserts. The wine and craft beer selection changes with the season but always offers plenty of great options, from IPAs and stouts to Rieslings and Malbecs. If you're not sure what you like, the staff is happy to give you samples before you order -- always the sign of a classy establishment. Not up to a night out? Glass Nickel offers carry-out and delivery. If you do plan on dining in, make sure to go to the original location on Atwood Avenue. While the pizza's just as tasty at the restaurant's other locations, the ambience is best here, in its original home.

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