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Heidel House Resort and Spa

643 Illinois Ave.
Green Lake  Wisconsin  54941
United States
(800) 444-2812
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Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz
The historic Heidel House is part old-school lodge-on-the-lake, part upscale conference center.

The Heidel House is a 60-plus-year favorite, beloved by generations of families that have built some of their fondest memories there, including weddings and reunions. Many Midwesterners have a Heidel House story to tell. It's a lovely mix of upscale resort and casual lake lodge, and the amenity list is perhaps as long as the 27-miles of shoreline on picturesque Green Lake.

Room selection varies significantly—one manager told us there are more than 30 slightly different room layouts within the 190 guest rooms and numerous buildings to choose from as well. The Guest House (10 rooms for $2,189) and Stable House (four bedrooms, $1,199) offer privacy and noise protection. The Hilltop, laid out motel-style in a long strip facing the parking lot, houses the original 1950s guest rooms (refurbished, of course.)

Amenities throughout the property vary by room as well (some have free Wi-Fi, some have balconies, some have whirlpool tubs.) We favor the lake-facing one-bedroom suites near the outdoor pool, close to the action and most-recently updated (Deluxe Lakeview $299 per night, one-bedroom suite $419, two-bedroom suites $609).

The Heidel House is definitely not lacking in options; be sure to explain to the staff exactly what you're looking for, and they will no doubt accommodate you. But call early—even in the off season (with discounted rates), the Heidel House is popular.

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