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Moccasin Bar

15820 U.S. 63
Hayward  Wisconsin  54843
United States
(715) 634-4211

Midwest Living Review

Karman Hotchkiss
This bar hypes itself as the home of the world's largest musky.

You can't drive through Hayward without passing this establishment with its "largest musky" signs that practically beg you to stop and see what all the hype is about. As your eyes adjust to the dark interior, you realize two things: This really is a bar, not a museum. And it takes the concept of wildlife dioramas to a whole new level. Man-size glass cases line walls of the single big room, each filled with a wildlife vignette of deer, bears, weasels. Above those are smaller glass cases that house muskie (including a replica of the award winner) and other assorted big fish. Some scenes are naturalized, others simply silly -- boxing raccoons and carousing chipmunks. These scenes may make more sense after you've been drinking. After all, this is a bar, not a family venue.

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