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McCormick House

10634 Kansas Ave.
Hayward  Wisconsin  54843
United States
(715) 934-3339
(715) 934-3349
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    - Josh Wimmer
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Josh Wimmer
This Victorian mansion is a stately gem in the bucolic North Woods, promising luxury treatment from a proper British gentleman.

The cozy little North Woods town of Hayward attracts plenty of tourists year-round, but they tend to come in search of more rustic pleasures, such as the excellent fishing and cross-country skiing. As such, it's a bit of a surprise to discover an elegant Victorian mansion smack in the middle of it all. Built in 1887, the six-bedroom McCormick House was restored to its original glory early in the 21st century by owner Dean Cooper, a native of London. Cooper brings a refined British sensibility to the proceedings here, offering traditional English breakfasts including dishes such as back bacon, or rashers, as well as such standard American fare as pancakes and stocking the house with a tasteful selection of antiques and original art. The decor is perhaps best described as "fancy comfortable" -- there are hardwood oak floors and silk drapes, but you'll feel at home, not like you're in a museum. Amenities such as preprogrammed iPod Nanos for guest use and a DVD library, as well as wireless Internet, contribute to that feeling. So do the in-house massage therapist and the generous menu, not to mention your hosts' willingness to feed you at whatever time of the morning suits you, in the dining area or in the comfort of your room. And when you're not busy lounging in one of the plush provided bathrobes, you'll want to spend some time in the lovely backyard, which has a lawn and gardens Cooper nurtures with a near-fanatical devotion. From $145.

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