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National Railroad Museum

2285 S. Broadway
Green Bay  Wisconsin  54304
United States
(920) 437-7623
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Midwest Living Review

Melanie Radzicki McManus
As one of the largest train museums in the country, it is sure to inform, but it delights with rides, too.

In 1956, the National Railroad Museum opened with a single steam locomotive. Today, it’s one of the largest rail museums in the nation, offering an amazing collection of trains and railroad memorabilia. Start your visit with a well-done 25-minute movie on steam locomotives. From there you'll proceed through an exhibit area to the actual trains. 

An indoor hall houses gems such as a Big Boy steam locomotive; the train Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower used in Europe; and Wisconsin's "Gratitude Train" car, a gift from France to every U.S. state after World War II. Then step outside into an open-air building housing an Aerotrain, designed in the 1950s to resemble a car and hopefully keep people interested in commuting by train (it flopped), and a mail car with an extensive interior set-up for sorting mail.

Pay the extra $2 to ride a train around the grounds. It's a short trip that passes a hobo display and offers a chance to chat with the volunteer conductor and engineer, who dress the part. Every third week, a lucky few can nab a spot on a caboose.

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