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Green Bay Children's Museum

301 N. Washington St.
Green Bay  Wisconsin  54301
United States
(920) 432-4397
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    - Photo Courtesy of Green Bay Children's Museum.
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    - Lisa Meyers McClintick
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    - Lisa Meyers McClintick
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    - Lisa Meyers McClintick
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    - Lisa Meyers McClintick
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Lisa Meyers McClintick
Opened in 2012, this creative playland draws on local lore, including the Packers and the Great Lakes, to teach kids important lessons.

Get ready to explore sports and careers and to get creative at this new children's museum. Set along the riverfront, it provides a playful mix of hands-on activities, themed settings that spark imagination, a good dose of humor, room to roam and climb, and a lot of local inspiration.

That might mean patiently waiting while your son tries on jerseys for half the Green Bay Packers team in the Get Up and Get Moving exhibit. Or your daughter might spend half the morning zipping down a fire pole and putting out virtual flames with a fire hose along Safety Street.

The museum, which opened in June 2012, aims at the toddler to early-elementary crowd with sensory-rich activities. Kids can splash with toy boats in water channels built into a sailboat facing a Great Lakes lighthouse and climb into the lighthouse or a nearby oak tree with cozy nooks for reading or having a tea party. They can follow dance lessons by a jukebox and order up pretend meals in a 1950s diner, explore a shoe store in Our Town, or dig in the dirt and plant seeds at a garden shop.

When it comes to most memorable exhibits, giggles abound while climbing a giant tongue that triggers a burp when entering a mouth into a gigantic digestive tract. They climb through the tunnel, exit with a fart and slide to a toilet drawn on the floor—it's the ultimate visual aid for the potty-training crowd.

June 29, 2012

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