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Stone's Throw Winery

3382 County Road E
Baileys Harbor  Wisconsin  54202
United States
(920) 839-9660
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Midwest Living Review

Josh Wimmer
No fruit here! This winery aims to replicate the California experience in Door County, and comes across a bit snooty in the process.

Just about dead center in the middle of Door County, this tourist stop bills itself as "a whole other wine country ... just 2,500 miles northeast of Napa Valley." Founded in 1998, Stone's Throw deals exclusively in grape wines (many Door County wineries make lots of sweeter fruit wines, as well as the grape wines), and all those grapes come from California, a fact they pitch as a great selling point. It surely sets them apart from the surrounding Door County wineries, but doesn't do much to sell them against the California competition. The tasting room is set inside a 90-year-old Prairie-style building, with an oversize, slanting roof, and features lots of wood lit in amber hues. It's not quite Sonoma County, but there is an elegant feel and plenty of room to spread out along the bar. The wines run the gamut from unusual varieties like a Petite Verdot to more straightforward options, like Uncle Gino's Daily Red and the Big Mouth Red. Also nifty is the winery's Percentage Series: Most wines are made from the juice of more than one grape -- that Cabernet you're drinking may well have a little Merlot in it -- but rather than hiding that fact, these blends play it up, making for some interesting adventures for your taste buds. While the wines are good and the setting nice, there was a bit of an air of condescension throughout our whole tasting experience, much more so than anywhere else we visited on the trip. And while most of the area wineries aren't overly generous with pours, which is fine, these were the stingiest. Tastings are $5 for five wines; open daily, year-round, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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