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Blue Bayou Inn

U.S. 51 at Spider Lake Bridge
Manitowish Waters  Wisconsin  54545
United States
(715) 543-2537

Midwest Living Review

This award-winning New Orleans-style Cajun restaurant boasts a perfect blend of the Deep South and the Great White North.

You can't miss this spot, despite its humble North Woods-shack appearance--as the name indicates, it's pretty darn blue. You, on the other hand, won't be, as long as you're patient and ready for N'awlins-style cuisine comparable to what you'd find just off Bourbon Street. The Blue Bayou Inn's menu warns that "A presumption is made by the chef that our patrons have at least two hours to spend with us." In other words, the service isn't slow--they're just taking the time to craft a truly superb meal. And it pays off. Using recipes put together by his father, who learned to cook at Brennan's in the French Quarter, the chef turns out Cajun dishes that regularly win major awards. (Local-food devotees will like that he uses crawdads from Wisconsin lakes, too, instead of having them shipped north.) The bar selection is an equal treat, featuring classic Southern cocktails like the Sazerac and mint julep, as well as brews like Abita that aren't easy to find north of the Mason-Dixon line.

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