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Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

12163 Highland Road
Hot Springs  South Dakota  57747
United States
(800) 252-6652
(605) 745-5955
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Midwest Living Review

Lisa Meyers McClintick
These two-hour tours have interesting stops, but aren't ideal for a family or casual tourist.

Something about the term "wild" brings to mind visions of mustangs thundering across the grasses of the southern Black Hills. This sprawling sanctuary south of Hot Springs feels far more docile as small buses with tour guides take groups off-road on two-hour tours. They include a chance to see Cheyenne River overlooks and a Sundance site, former movie sets for "Hidalgo" and "Crazy Horse," pictographs from early tribes, and herds of horses grazing on feed or wild grasses. The Sundance site was fascinating, with colorful prayer cloths blowing in the wind. We learned a lot about the strenuous Native American ritual that occurs on the summer solstice. The pictographs were an intriguing mix of ancient (10,000-year-old carbon-dated depictions of animals, men, snakes) and modern (one rancher carved a note each time he fed his herd). Organizers don't want this remote site overrun by tourists, and the steep ticket prices and long tours keep that in check. For $50 a tour, some folks were annoyed they had to pay extra for a bottle of water. The tour was interesting, but a bit flat and matter-of-fact. This isn't a place for average tourists or families with squirmy kids. It's best for anyone channeling an inner cowboy and cowgirl and wanting to learn more about the rescued horse mission.

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