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Swartzentruber Quilts

7971 Township Rd. 654
Millersburg  Ohio  44654
United States
(330) 893-3248
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Damaine Vonada
Step back to simpler times at this home-based Amish quilt shop.

Swartzentruber Quilts is the real deal. We strongly recommend visiting this home-based quilt shop. In addition to viewing some beautiful handmade quilts, you'll have an opportunity to step inside a true Amish home. The Swartzentruber sect is the most conservative group of Amish, and the women who run the quilt shop and their home reflect those old-school customs and beliefs. Sisters and owners Mary and Lovina wear white lace caps and long, dark-colored dresses fastened with safety pins instead of buttons. Basic black curtains hang on the windows, a hand-pump brings water to the room where quilts are displayed, and kerosene lamps provide lighting. The showroom is a tiny bedroom where quilts are neatly piled on a bed. In another room behind the kitchen, the sisters sell potholders, placemats, pillow covers and throws. Everything on display is either made by the owners or other local Amish women. They do their hand-sewing and quilting on their long, wooden kitchen table. Prices range from $5.50 for a potholder to $995 for a king-size quilt. Some words of warning: The shop is hard to find--it's not near Millersburg, as the address suggests, but rather is off County Road 160, which runs between Mt. Hope and Winesburg. The shop doesn't have a phone or website. Finally, be sure to bring plenty of cash, since credit cards aren't accepted.

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lavonne93572's picture

As a resident of Holmes County and owner of Amish Heartland Tours, we have been sharing this one of a kind home business with visitors on our tours since 1991. The quilts are outstanding and represent the quality of heart-felt, hand-made artisan items.
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Friday, May 1, 2015

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