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Smucker's Store and Cafe

333 Wadsworth Rd.
Orrville  Ohio  44667
United States
(330) 684-1500
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Midwest Living Review

Amanda Glazebrook
A bustling, bright country store sells a vast array of Smucker's jams and jellies—and hundreds of other products, too.

At first glance, this huge store just off Highway 30 in Orrville, Ohio, is sort of quaint. A big, charming sign over the entrance welcomes visitors to Smucker's, and the store looks like a giant barn—white with red trim— and there's plenty of lush greenery surrounding the place. 

But once inside, it's evident that this a huge, bustling commercial venture. A dozen flags hang from the soaring ceiling, promoting the related brands visitors find here: Hungry Jack. Pillsbury. Crisco. JIF. WhiteLily. Oh, my. To the right, a small cafe sells muffins and scones and ice cream. To the left, cashiers ring out lines of customers. And straight ahead is a huge space jam-packed with kiosk-style displays and shoppers, culminating in the back wall lined with jelly jars and lit up in different bright colors. Wow. 

As you start exploring, things make a bit more sense. Along the walls are brand-specific displays: rows and rows of Pillsbury boxed cakes and frostings, JIF peanut butters, R.W. Knudsen juices. And in the middle are thoughtfully planned themeatic displays, matching a product (say, strawberry jam) with coordinated kitchen objects: plates, coffee mugs, pie servers, cake pans, Christmas ornaments, cheese knives, dish towels, scented candles. It's actually attractive and well done. 

Aalong the back wall, where all the jelly jars are? Of course, that's the Smucker's display. Every flavor and variety of jelly, jam and preserve is there in brightly colored rows. Behind that wall, a small museum walks visitors through the Smucker's brand timeline. It's moderately interesting, but really, you're here for the shopping. Most of the food items are available at a local grocery store, but if you're searching for a hard-to-find flavor, or a set of plates decorated with the Pillsbury Dough Boy, stop here. 



August 11, 2012

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