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Schuler's Bakery

2968 Derr Rd.
Springfield  Ohio  45503
United States
(937) 390-0744
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    - Damaine Vonada

Midwest Living Review

Cream-filled doughnut addicts must go here and try these amazing treats.

Schuler's chocolate-cream filled donuts are not just the bakery's runaway best seller, they're practically the official food of Springfield, Ohio. You know that a bakery must be good if it has been around for more than 70 years. Schuler's not only has remained in the same family for all that time, but it also still uses the recipes that founder John Schuler meticulously perfected after he started the bakery. Everything is prepared from scratch without preservatives, and just like John, the bakers work all night so that customers always find fresh baked goods at Schuler's stores. To get a taste of the cookies, pies, cakes, dinner rolls and, of course, doughnuts that folks in Springfield have craved for generations, it's worth driving a couple of miles from the US-68 bypass to Schuler's Derr Road store in the Northland Plaza shopping center. The modern, immaculate store also has coffee, so if you buy a glazed yeast donut for 69 cents or a 79-cent, chocolate frosted Bismarck, you can treat yourself to a yummy, inexpensive breakfast. You'll also want to pick up some of Schuler's signature cookies. Thumbprints are rolled in walnuts and have a dollop of chocolate in the centers, while the butterfly cookies contain finely ground raisins flavored with a hint of butterscotch. And Schuler's gingerbread men are so popular that the bakery makes them year-round. They're hand-decorated with smiling faces and cost $1.50 each.

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