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Birding Excursions

Put-in-Bay Boat Line
#3 North Monroe St.
Port Clinton  Ohio  43452
United States
(800) 245-1538

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Hundreds of bird lovers hop on the Jet Express to Canada's Point Peleethe first forested area spring migrators will encounter when crossing Lake Erie.

Every spring, hundreds of birders board the Jet Express for Bird Watching Excursions to Canada's Point Pelee National Park. During the 90-minute cruise, naturalists coach passengers on how to identify various birds and likely places to find them. After the boat docks, novice and expert birders head for Point Pelee's woods and marshes to spend the day training their cameras and binoculars on White-eyed Vireo, Summer Tanagers, Yellow Warblers and hundreds of other species displaying their beautiful plumes. This world-renowned birding park also hosts an annual Festival of Birds in May. Admission charged.

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