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Jolly Roger Seafood

1737 E. Perry St.
Port Clinton  Ohio  43452
United States
(419) 732-3382
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    - Karman Hotchkiss

Midwest Living Review

Karman Hotchkiss
There's nary a hamburger in site at this fast-food joint known locally for its great fish.

The menu gives a nod to those who don't care for fish by offering a turkey sandwich and a chicken salad. But everything else here is fish, fish and more fish. And it's so well done that you don't even wish you had other choices. Fried crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, the perch, walleye and snow scrod may even convert folks who are only so-so about fish. The slaw is just about the only thing on the menu that isn't fried, and it's some of the best coleslaw we've tasted. You order at the window inside the little white building with blue awnings. Then you can eat inside, or take your order out to one of two patios with plastic wood-look tables and green plastic chairs. So, the atmosphere is casual. Very, very casual. But that's all part of the charm of this local favorite. Fish sandwich platters with fries and a drink start around $6. Dinners, which include a roll, slaw, and fries or onion rings, run around $11.50. Which might seem high for fast food, until you taste it.

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