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Pine Tree Barn and Granary Restaurant

4374 Shreve Rd.
Wooster  Ohio  44691
United States
(330) 264-1014
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Midwest Living Review

This cluster of well-presented attractions combines for a one-of-a-kind shopping and dining experience.

Nestled between Shreve and Wooster, Pine Tree Barn is an easy country drive from the Cleveland-Akron area. This one-of-a kind shopping and dining destination combines a tree farm, a high-end and highly traditional home furnishings store, a gift shop, a women's boutique and a luncheon restaurant. Unlike other clusters of hodgepodge stores, Pine Tree Barn's owners pay particular attention to details, creating a well-thought-out, enjoyable experience directed primarily to women. The shops are located in a three-story, 1860s stock barn that provides an enormous amount of retail and restaurant space. Meantime, the spacious tree farm outside provides a nice walk in the woods and is a popular family destination during the holidays. Top off your shopping experience with lunch at the on-site restaurant, Granary. While it may be a bit of a stretch to call it gourmet, as advertised, this standard ladies' luncheon fare (soups, salad, pasta and quiche) is better than average because it varies seasonally (so ingredients are fresh) and is homemade. Two tried-and-true Granary favorites: the French onion soup and lemon muffin. One last fun thing to note -- the place is tastefully decorated like an old country home and pretty much everything is for sale. If you find yourself longing for the wreath on the door or the lamp on the table, no problem. Basically, anything you can see, you can buy.

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