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Petali Teas

224 E. Broadway
Granville  Ohio  43023
United States
(740) 816-1500
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    - Cynthia Earhart
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    - Cynthia Earhart

Midwest Living Review

Tiny Petali Teas is a feast for the nose as well as the eyes as you sniff your way through the artisan teas.

Making excellent use of a small space, Petali Teas is not only beautifully decorated but makes sniffing out the perfect tea an experience. A narrow entranceway, adorned on both sides with shiny metal teapots, gleaming glassware and gilt gift items, leads to a larger room dominated by a large round table in the center covered with ceramic pots filled with the the loose artisan teas made fresh by Petali Teas. Each ceramic pot lid lists the tea name (Moonlight Jasmine, Bellini Green) and ingredients. Also on the table are pencils and paper so you can jot down your impressions as you lift each lid and take a sniff. As fun as it was enlightening, you can really smell the different ingredients, which include fruits, flower petals, bark, leaves and even chocolate. (Shop owner Joy Wujek blends them, so they really are different from what you might find at other tea stores.) Once you've chosen your favorite -- we liked creme brulee, with hints of orange and sage -- the salesperson retrieves your prepackaged tea from an airtight container and slips it into an envelope with brewing directions, including the ideal water temperature and steeping time (1 oz. of tea costs $6). The displays here are beautifully crafted and include teapots, cups, special honeys and sugars, and even artisan soaps. Joining the Tea Club entitles you to a free ounce of tea after ten 1 oz. purchases.

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