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Ohio's New England Village

Watch the colors explode this fall in central Ohio.
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Glowing scarlet, gold and rust under a mellow October sun, the wooded Welsh Hills of central Ohio look like a poster of autumn in New England. That same "back East" feeling pervades the village of Granville (25 miles east of Columbus). The pioneers who founded this picturesque community in 1805 worked hard to re-create their hometowns: Granville, Massachusetts, and Granby, Connecticut.

Along Raccoon Creek, the founders laid out the village around a square, just like the towns they'd come from. Buildings constructed of gray limestone quarried from Sugar Loaf Hill at the west edge of town still stand. More than 120 buildings, including several on the hilltop campus of Denison University, are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Under a rainbow of awnings as colorful as autumn foliage, more than two dozen specialty stores and antique shops line downtown sidewalks. Two historic inns and restaurants, The Buxton Inn and Granville Inn, face each other across Broadway. The 1812 Buxton Inn served as the first post office and a stagecoach stop. Across the street, the Tudor-style Granville Inn is a 1924 re-creation of a 16th-century English manor house.

Granville, Ohio

Buxton Inn

Granville Inn


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